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14 September 2013

Posts #1126-1130: 23-24 May 2000

Post #1126, by Falcon24

Falcon's eyes shot open. He looked about himself, trying to take in his surroundings, when he noticed he was floating!
You really cheapen exclamation marks by using them too much!
He kicked his feet wildly. "What the heck!?" The green light intensified. This was followed by a bright flash.

As the flash slowly faded away, everyone could now see that the room was a mess. Bottles and viles of medicine lie shattered on the floor, and all sorts of medical equipment lie in dissarray around the room. Everyone was covered with a dark substance, similar to soot.

Falcon was lying on the floor, face down near some broken equipment. He struggled to rise, his face covered with the same sooty substance as everyone else. He stood on one knee, and coughed out a mouthful of the black dust. "Um....ow.."
Falcon24 never read any of Traceh's posts, but even if he had he would likely have handled this post the same way. He's unique, dammit, and the healing bugs are going to have a much more spectacular effect on him than on some pissant like guruzeth.

I calculate we're in for a lot of fun as he and guruzeth try to one-up each other on the Look At Me I'm Important scoreboard.

Post #1127, by guruzeth

A few hours later, Falcon had been released from the hospital with no wounds and the doctors' wide open mouths, and the group was sitting in the hospital lobby discussing their plans.
Setting aside what an atrociously badly written sentence that is, we can appreciate guruzeth jumping right in and skipping the timeline ahead to trivialize Falcon24's attempt at making himself important. Yessirree, we are in for some entertainment with these two.
"We should still head for the amusement park, I think," guru was saying, "just so long as there's water rides, or at least some method of getting wet... and provided it's still there. If these Lavos things keep coming, we'll have to get off the island probably."
In English, guruzeth is saying "keep your violence far away from me or I'm so out of here. Stay tuned; he's just getting the Angst Machine warmed up.
"Yeah, I hope they stay away," said Tracy. "It's about time we got to relax!"

Unfortunately, just as she finished speaking, there was a low rumbling outside and panicked people burst into the hospital. "There's giant porcupine-things out there!!"

The whole group simultaneously shot to their feet, looking around at one another. "dios!" guru said. "Let's get outta here now! Head for the park!"
Odd; I don't remember any other writers sending Lavos Spawn after the Seven Friends. Do you? Why would guruzeth inflict it on himself, other than to draw attention to himself as he angsts?
"What?! I just spent three hours cleaning my car!" diospadre cried. "And now you wanna screw it up AGAIN?! Why don't I just let them kill me instead and end my suffering?!"
guruzeth was trying to make jokes based on diospadre's well-established (elsewhere on the forums) love affair with his vehicle. guruzeth was never very good at making jokes.
Everyone else just shook their head and dove into diospadre's wheels, and dios fired the engine and took off.

"Well, at least the scenery is nice," said Juliana, gazing out the window at the swaying palm trees as they shot across the island at about 50 MPH on an unpaved road.

Suddenly, the air was pierced by Chris's scream. "DIOS! LOOK OUT FOR THAT TREE!"
I guess he wanted Chris to feel included--you know how important that is to Chris--but I have to be honest: I've read better cliffhangers.

Post #1128, by Anthadd

(You actually defeated Diamond Dog and absorbed the power of the Fire Spring without my powerful weaponry?) asked the rock, aghast.
"That's correct," Anthadd replied. "Sometimes it takes brain, not brawn to solve a problem."
(Pfft. You're just lucky.)
They're ACs, so brawn doesn't even enter the equation.
"I seem to remember Anthadd commenting that you'd give him something if he returned," Sir pointed out.
(Oh, very well. Take the ability.) The rock was visibly agitated.

Anthadd learned PSI Teleport Alpha!

"Let's return to the Tenda Village, Sir," Anthadd said, charging up a teleport, and they disappeared into the sky.
That's too bad; I liked Anthadd being among the last holdouts without teleportation. I think the charter members of the Four Friends (guruzeth, Traceh, Chris, PSI322) are now officially the last four ACs left that have never invoked teleportation after some fashion or another. (Though PSI322 and Chris somehow managed to get from Deep Darkness to Winters by walking, which sounds more than slightly suspect to me.)

Post #1129, by Traceh

"Chill out Chris, he isnt George of the jungle ya know," Tracy spat. They all gripped eachother as dios made a hard left turn, scraping the side of his 'friend' on the huge tree trunk but not seriously injurying anyone.
I actually laughed. By itself it's a lame joke, but playing off the asinine way guruzeth ended his last post it's funny. Nice understated smackdown of guruzeth there (and though the bad line is attributed to Chris, everyone knows guruzeth wrote it).
"Woo! that was close!" called Poo from the back. The vehicle came to a screaching halt a few feet away and they all watched in disbelief as dios ripped through the door and circled the car. Hey let out an 'oooh my poor baby!' and hugged the dent with a look of pain in his eyes.
See, it wasn't just guruzeth that picked up on the "diospadre loves his car" thing.
Juliana looked at them. "Well, we have to do something, dont we?" She opened the sliding door and edged around the car to console the greif-stricken dios. "We can fix your car when we get somewhere...but if you dont mind, we are in the process of running from an evil force. Do you really want your precious baby to be eaten by a giant porcupine?"
Traceh also picked the right person to do the consoling; this is exactly the kind of thing PSI322 would do, as you know if you've read her moderator-duty posts in this very Gathering. Traceh is a sharp poster.
"I guess you're right," he said with a sigh. He patted the dent, slowly backed away, and got back into the driver's seat.

"Alright," said guru, "back on track. Hand me that map please, Chris." Chris took the map from the dashboard and tossed it back. "This map says we are somewhere....and thats about it. I guess if we keep close to the beach and follow it for a while, we aught to end up at our destination."
Was it ever actually established what their destination is? As best I can recall, the only thing concretely stated about their destination was that it was away from the beach.
Chris looked out through the front window and studdied the forest. "Well, Ive been noticing the trees are becoming less dense. You know what that means....a town isnt too far. At least I think thats what it means. Heh."
I imagine that's probably what it means. Though I suppose it could be a crude tribe of cannibals; wouldn't that beat all?
"Letts find out!" cried Tracy. "dios, are you gonna show us just how cruisin this Explorer is?" With that they were off, faster and faster (and yet at a somewhat safe and reasonable speed) through the remainder of the forest. But where were all the animals?
Safe and reasonable? She must not know diospadre very well. Also I'm pretty sure animals, having honed their survival instincts over millions of years of evolution, are doing a fine job of staying the hell away from the speeding two-ton death machine.

Post #1130, by SirMontyG

After a few missattempts, Anthadd and Sir teleported back to the Tenda Village.

"Whoa.." Sir said, a little dissy from the teleport, "What a rush.."
Major Asshole definitely likes to diss, but I see no diss there.
"Anthadd! Sir! Welcome back!" Said the Tenda leader. "Shall we discuss your journies over a cup of tea?"

"Well, alright" Said Sir, ready to reminise..

From what I can remember, I came to this island only to stay for a short time. A few days for the party. After a rough journy, I was met by Tim, who showed me the nearby hot springs. I fell asleap in the springs, only to awake to see dozens of others ariving, starting up sand castle touniments, water races, dances, and even building an amusement park. I met a few friends, and accidently ticked off Mani and Pikachu, something I still regret.. Anyways, a group of AC's decided to explore the interior of the island, and boy did that start up some excitement! I tried to tag along, but I was either ditched or got lost and ended up wandering into a quick adventure with Chris, soon to be put here in the village. That's the first time I met Anthadd as I recall.. Gosh, that's good tea. Can I get another cup? I'm not boring you, am I? Well, hang tight, I'm halfway done.
Not boring me at all, actually. If Major Asshole wrote a stream-of-consciousness book I would read all 300 pages in one sitting, even full of typos.
Anyways, Chris and Juliana came back to help us out with the electro specter that desided to attack the village, and I got a new weapon: the lightweight bazooka! From there, I traveled with the runaway 5 to Fourside, only to find Falcon had destroed magnet hill. I confronted him later in Scarabia, nearly killing myself by touching the sound sapper. If I would have been there a few seconds earlier, I could have stopped Lavos from being awakened, although destroing myself in the process..Well, I traveled for a while, actually meeting up with Lavos, and for a second we shared the friendship we had in the past.Unfortunatly, he had a battle to attend to, so we went out seperate ways. Ran into Chris again, went on a quick trip with a few other Knights of Nee, and even defeated my indesiciveness in a cool action sequence in my mind. After that, I attempeted to summon all the AC's together to battle, but that one kinda bottomed out after I learned Lavos can only be defeated by the chosen four. That and the fact many just wanted to have the vacation we started earlier instead of fighting. Then I got a call from Anthadd, I rented a beamer, helped Anthadd get his melody, and wound up here.

Sir noticed that, due to his rambling, he had finished off 4 cups of tea.
"Heh, kinda got carried away there, huh?"
he would have gotten a responce, but everyone in the village was dead asleap.

I don't know what motivated him to post a summary of all his activity in the Gathering, other than perhaps wanting to see it on his screen for his own amusement.

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