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07 September 2013

Posts #1121-1125: 22 May 2000

Post #1121, by Chris

Most everyone was sitting in the hospital waiting room, waiting to find out what had become of their mysterious friend.
You have to admire how accepting the newly minted Seven Friends are. Some random dude, who for all they know is just some wino that wandered into the woods, gets run over by their car and instantly they assume he's their friend. D'aww.
Chris had gone out to get a few sodas for the group, but everyone else was seated silently in chairs, awaiting news. A few people were reading, others were staring at the the wall.

The silence of the hospital was broken by Chris's return. He had a few drinks in his arm, as well as a bag of chips for anyone that was hungry.

"Any news?" he asked despondently.

"Nothing." guruzeth replied.
He doesn't even know Falcon24 in-story, so we can only assume he's despondent because he knows he won't be getting any further attention from Juliana. Even proving he knows what 'despondent' means and how to spell it isn't helping.
Chris joined the crew in chairs, and picked up a magazine to read. He flipped to an article titled "How to Make the Most of Your Eagleland Vacation." He read for a few minutes, then put it down, deciding that he didn't want to think about the adventures here, now that someone had almost (indeed, had) died as a result of the "adventures." While he sat there contemplating this, he began to doze off, and soon was sleeping in his chair in the waiting room.
Yeah, we're all certain this is the absolute truth, and his sudden lack of interest in "adventures" has nothing at all to do with the fact he can't solo with Juliana anymore.
You'll notice this was another medium-sized post in which nothing happens; we're in a holding pattern here because the writers involved are understandably leery of deciding what happens to Falcon24's AC.

Post #1122, by diospadre

diospadre was't able to sit in the lobby any longer. He hated hospitals, the thought of dead bodies made him noxious. He decided he would go clean his car out, after all there were 5 muddy kids in there a little while ago.
Won't there be 6 muddy kids in there in the near future, though?
dios turned on the cd player in the car and began scrubbing away at the dirt. Then he came to the bug he had spit out earlier. An idea suddenly struck him. "guruzeth said these were healing bugs. I bet this could help our new friend."
The grand prize goes to diospadre for being the first to remember that Traceh has a jar full of healing bugs! Let's give him a hand.

Seriously, you have to hand it to him for being the one guy in this whole thread that actually has been reading at least the posts of the people he's plotlining with.
dios grabbed the dead bug from his expectorate and ran into the hospital. He quietly snuck into the room where the unconcious boy lay, and put the bug in his mouth. He then poired some water into his throat to make him drink. Suddenly the boy was lifted from the bed, surrounded by a strange green aura, opposed to the blue one he and guruzeth had experienced earlier.
Further proving he actually read Traceh's posts from quite a while ago; he knew what color guruzeth glowed when he was experiencing Deus Ex Machina.
Suddenly a doctor and diospadre's friends rushed into the room. "What's happening!?" the doctor yelled.
"Nothing much, doctor, I swear! I was just shoving a giant beetle down this unconscious kid's throat and pouring water down... I mean... hey, wait! LET ME GO!"

Post #1123, by Little Yoshi

Tim did a Leap Slash over the Lavos Spawns, and struck the machine. It made a noise, and then exploded into pieces. The ice barrier fell, and Tim without thinking casted an Ice spell on everything. The shells all retaliated, and Tim was not undamaged after being hit by 8 Needle attacks. He scrambled to his feet, and chopped off their heads one by one. Then, he hadn't been noticing where he was going, he bumped into something hard. It was Evil Mani Mani, again.
"Let's go," Evil Mani Mani said, teleporting them to an icolated(sp?) arena.
Liyoshi, alone still proudly doing exactly what he was doing almost a thousand posts ago. Everyone else, not alone, still proudly not giving a s---.
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Post #1124, by Traceh

Tracy looked up from the magazine she was reading. She had never been that fond of hospitals, especially the part about blood. Ugh...blood. *cringe*. Her eyes wandered and she noticed diospadre get out of his seat, a look of disgust on his face, and walk out. She stood up and wispered "I'll be right back, mmmkay?" and started on her search to find a drinking fountain.
Whispered to who, and why is she whispering? Is it supposed to be a secret that she's gone?
About half way down the hall she spotted one, and made a bee-line towards it. After exaughsting her stomach's capacity for water, she wiped her mouth with her sleeve and was about to head back to the others when she heard a noise a few rooms down.

Peaking around the corner she saw a strange green light eminating from a room a ways down the hall. Being as quiet as possible she tip-toed down the hall and glanced into the room where there an unexpected sight met her eyes. There he was, the stranger they had pulled out of the rain, glowing a greenish light. To his left was a smug looking dios and a verry frightened looking doctor.
She's not diospadre nailed, no doubt of that. Though I doubt the doctor would look frightened. Instead he'd be saying some Latin words and explaining that it's perfectly normal given his symptoms and course of treatment that he is levitating and glowing like Slimer.
Tracy ran into the room and tugged on diospadre's sleeve. "dios..what have you done? What's happening to him? And how the heck are we supposed to explain this little predicament to the doctors...let alone the creepy people the doctors work for!?"
Wow, she hit the nail on the head about hospital administrators. That's especially impressive given it was 13 years ago. You ain't seen nothin' yet, Tracy...
By then the others had noticed the light and were at the door, along with a few curious onlookers who were no help at all. She ran down the hall, grabbed her bag, and wrapped the purple egg-filled bottle in a sweater and shoved it to the bottom of the bag where it would hopefully be safe. She slung the bag up over her shoulder and ran back to the room.
So far the Seven Friends are doing an admirable job making interesting things happen while avoiding, as they must, deciding what happens with Falcon24's AC.
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Post #1125, by Pikachu3164

Pikachu started to get impatient.
Well damn, I never would have imagined that could happen.
It was almost dawn, and he wqanted to get back to the hotel. [Ah, I don't want to wait another minute! I just want to get back to the hotel!]

So, Pikachu used Teleport Omega and arrived at the Eageland Hotel. There, he saw a bunch of Lavos Spawn.

[Oh for crying out loud! When do I get to take a vacation!]

Pikachu ran up to the Lavos Spawn and created a Light Screen. Then, he immobolized them with a Thunder Wave. Then he used Swift, Thunder, and other various moves in an effort to get rid of them quickly.
You have to imagine he called it merely an 'effort' because he knew it was doomed. It's odd the way some of these kids never seemed to have even considered that it's Interactive Fiction and so they do have some power over what their ACs do, and could forcibly take a vacation if they really wanted to. That, or violence was truly what made them happy, whatever they may say. That's the story of human civilization in a nutshell right there.

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