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08 December 2012

Posts #1116-1120: 22 May 2000

Post #1116, by t0nberry22

(Which Portal are we talkin about? The one I made?)
Consider it a polite request for official acknowledgment. Which he won't receive, needless to say.
(Plus, Kiyo, my Character doesn't have a clue about the Randites, and he wouldn't be scared if something he has no idea about, so edit your last post, please.)
Remember a loooong time ago when I mentioned that people would be pissy about any use of their ACs by other posters without prior written authorization? Yeah.

Post #1117, by Dr. Andonuts

(I'll leave too.)
The kiddies are absconding from Tengu's jerkoff of a final battle like it's a fresh crime scene.
"Yay, back to the vacation. Cya guys around." Saying this, Nathan proceded to disappear. First his body up to his neck, then his head, then finally his eyes. He reappeared near the orgiganal hotel, wondering where his 64 player SSB had gone. Then he saw the Lavos Spawns. "Ahhh, where did those come from?!?" he screamed. He hurrdily put up a shield with his computer.
This post leaves me unable to figure out if he wants the violence to continue or not. Possibly because he doesn't know or care about that himself, and this post's purpose is to get someone else to declare their violence/nonviolence intent so he can then join in.

Post #1118, by Little Yoshi

Tim hesitated as he started to jump into the portal.
"Come on!!" The others shouted, wanting Tim to hurry up.
"Guys...I'm-I'm stayin' here...fe-fer now," Tim stuttered.

Tim leapt into the air, in the direction of the awful machine."So, you're producing all those Lavos Spawns, are you? Well, take this!" Tim shouted, attacking the Lavos Spawn machine with the Masamune. A Lavos Spawn dashed in just in time to absorb the blow-on its shell. It countered with its needle attack. Tim was quickly surrounded.

Suddenly, the machine glowed. An ice barrier formed around the Lavos Spawns. Tim was outta luck, but not hope.
I don't mean to disappoint you, but I honestly ran out of fresh things to say about Liyoshi posts a good 700 posts ago. He's just continuing to do exactly the same things he's been doing since the very beginning, Although that'll change right quick if he draws into proximity of Team Tengu (consisting of Tengu, Tengu, Tengu and their sidekick, Tengu) like he's fixing to do here.

Post #1119, by SuperSpeedy/ Mankey Boy

(I'm introducing a new AC to this IF.)
That means you're removing your current two ACs, right?
Suddenly, a portal open behind Poryhedron. A Mew flew out, raming Poryhedron next to Magnet Hill(We know what happens from that).
said the Mew.
Mew used Psystar! Lavos lost ¾ of his current HP!
(See Something I Perfer…)

So SS/MB casts aside his vaguely characterized custom Porygon in favor of switching on no-doubt AC God Mode. It'll probably wear off pretty quickly.
[This message has been edited by SuperSpeedy/ Mankey Boy (edited 05-23-2000).]

Post #1120, by PSI322

(Did I just hear someone say "new AC"? I hope, then, that this is your ONLY AC, seeing as the rules allow for only ONE. If this IS, indeed, your only AC, then ignore this and don't be mad at me. Thanks.)
Well... I don't think he ever officially removed his own avatar ("David", I think, right?) from the story, but I also don't think he's even referenced said avatar in hundreds of posts. So PSI322 may be technically justified to slap him, but in practice it doesn't really matter. More of a preventative measure and Reminder to Tengu, really.
~PSI322, Moderator of Interactive Fiction
The sig line was her way of making it known she was posting as moderator, not in-character.

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