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04 December 2012

Posts #1112-1115: 21 May 2000

Post #1112, by EBPoo

[Well, Part 3 met the same fate as the other parts (it got messed up), so here's Part 4. By the way, Part 3 has been added to the archive, so go there if you need to read the latest]
Sadly, we didn't get to see the Forum Mini-Ghost make an actual post this time.

Thread 4 is the last full thread in the Gathering. Thread 5 is only about a page and a half (70-ish posts) long, and that's it! We're actually rounding the final turn and driving for home, boys and girls!
"Quick! Wheel him into the emergency room!" commanded a doctor. So, while doctors and nurses were busy with the strange figure they had picked up, Poo, Juliana, Chris, diospadre, guruzeth, and Tracy waited in the waiting room. "I KNOW I've seen that person somewhere before," Poo said to the others.
Granting that everything up to and including trees are people too, Falcon24 is less of a 'person' per se and more of a giant bird-thing, if I recall. Or maybe he morphed into a human when he fell unconscious onto diospadre's windshield, I don't know.
"I know. I think I've seen him from somewhere too," commented guruzeth. Finally, the light went off and the doctor came out. "The patient is doing fine. He's recovering gradually. But, the weird thing is, his molecular structure seems to be affected by a strange circumstance."

"English, Doc?" said Chris.

"Well, it's almost as if he died and then came back to life," said the doctor.

"Uh...?" said the group bewilderedly.
Look, I don't know how death and resurrection changes your molecular structure either, but it's fantastic fiction, just roll with it. 
By the way, Traceh has healing bugs in a jar. Why did they take Falcon24 to a hospital? Even stranger since the hospital thing was Traceh's idea. It would at least be understandable if, say, PSI322 took the party to the hospital because she wasn't aware Traceh had healing bugs. Maybe the bottle is labeled FOR GURUZETH'S USE ONLY, I don't know.
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Post #1113, by Pikachu3164

((Part 4. Yikes. That's a lot of posts...))
I know, right? One thousand one hundred and twelve of them, to be exact.
((Oh, and we don't know what the final melodies sound like, Ton. Just use your imagination.))
And that is the only response t0nberry22 will ever get.
[Well, if you put it that way, I think I'll super-attack him and leave, kay? Kay.]
Maybe t0nberry22's generous offer will be taken by some parties as a good mechanism to get away from Lavos, who has now become boring.
So Pikachu used his super secret attack that I've hinted at about twice, Earth Alpha, his reward for collecting the 10 melodies. It did quite a bit of damage, but he had no PP left anymore, so he had to leave. [Okay. Bye bye.] Pikachu jumped through the portal, and ended up just outside Lavos.

[Yeah! Vacation! Finally! Woo hoo! Let's see here... Eagleland Resort should be west of here, so I should go... That way.]

Pikachu walked out of Saturn Valley and came across the Yoshi. [Or, I can wait for my friends in here!]
The Yoshi is Liyoshi's invincible ship, isn't it? I'm a bit confused about this, but no way in hell am I reading any Liyoshi posts to figure it out.

Post #1114, by diospadre

(WARNING! WARNING! A plost hole the siz of a mack truck is about to be fixed up! The events of this flashback take place dierectly after my last post, where the group jumped into my explorer.)
I honestly don't know what plot hole he's referring to, so it can't be that large.
As diospadre sat with the others in the hospital, he recalled the events which gave him back his life. He rewinded his mind to the fateful question guruzeth had asked him back in the car: Who was he?

"Well, my name is diospadre, and I *was* the manager of that beautiful ho-" he was cut off by the stunned looks of the carload of people. "What..? Is there something in my teeth?"

"I was right!" guruzeth exclaimed. "You are dios! But aren't you...dead? Your little brother emailed reidman months ago saying you were lost at sea..."
Ohhhh. The plot hole diospadre is referring to is the fact that the Five Friends immediately acted like they'd always known who diospadre was. diospadre was expecting more of a "wait, who are you?" and a big reveal, and the Five Friends disappointed him. He's doing it retroactively anyway, like a Game Master who wrote out five pages of NPC backstory, only for the PCs to immediately kill the NPC as soon as they meet him. The GM will always find a way to work that backstory in somewhere, sooner or later. And so does diospadre.
"Well, that would explain something. You see, three months ago I woke up in a hospital in Toto. I had no memory of anything. Do I know you from before?" dios asked.

Traceh pulled the small bottle from her bag. Sure enough, a few of the eggs had hatched. She took one of the tiny blue bugs and held it up to dios. "Yes you do know us, but I think you should eat one of these. I think it will help you regain your memory."
Right, the magic healing bugs Traceh carries around. Even diospadre remembered them.
"Eat...a...bug? But I'm a businessman! I'm not going to do that!" dios proudly stated.

"You're not a businessman, dios, you're a high-schooler. And I also remember seeing you in a bellhop's uniform only yesterday." guruzeth replied.

"Well, okay. If I remember, then I'll do it. " dios took the bug from Tracy and popped it into his mouth. After gagging and spitting it out, he took another one from her and succesfully forced it down.

Everything suddenly came rushing back to him. His family. Chicago. His house. EarthBound. Starmen.net. Then the Spring Break Cruise. This was the hardest thing to remember, and was being replayed in his mind like a movie.

diospadre remembered the day he won the ticket to go on the cruise. It was a political fantasy cruise, with all the top lawmakers and enforcers (and yes, the interpreters) of the country. He could picture the shade of green guruzeth had to be wearing when he was informed of his luck.
diospadre and guruzeth were both planning careers in law and politics at that time, you see. diospadre is now a lawyer, and guruzeth is writing annotations no one reads about a thread on the internet twelve years ago. You do the math.
The cruise didn't turn out so great, though. While playing shuffleboard with Al Gore, the two became embroiled in a heated deabte. As dios won both the debate and the game, Gore smacked dios on the back of the head with the little shuffleboard stick, who proceeded to fall overboard, unconcious. And now he was here, driving around a carload of kids he didn't even know, on an island that...was EARTHBOUND!?

Now it was guruzeth's turn to do a little explaining. First he told dios of the origins of the island, then he introduced himself and the group. dios once again felt whole, but for how long?
If you don't think that was the most awesome backstory you have ever read, get the hell out of my site.

Post #1115, by loid

(AHHHHH! Part 4?!! I've said it before and I'll say it agian, this IF is cursed. And thanks for de-paralyzing me pikachu13825whatever)
It's not cursed, it's just very, very long. (That's what he said.)
"You just don't get it. Do you?" said Randite to Ton
"What do you mean Kiyo?" asked T0n

"There, you still think I'm Kiyo, don't you? I'm not. I'm Randite, I'm not going to listen to anybody, tell me who or what to be, not trying to be like anybody, tired of playing make-belive."
"Cool!" said Ton. "That ryhmes! You got a poem thing like team rocket now!"
"Still dont get it huh? Take this!"
Ton tried to cast everyone's grudge but since alot of people here were glad that Randite beat the Lavos Exterior it didn't have much effect.
"We'll meet agian Ki- I mean Randite!" Ton jumped through the portal and left, Randite jumped in after him.
I'm sad because I expect so much more from a loid post, and he's been letting me down lately. :(
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