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03 December 2012

Posts #1106-1111: 21 May 2000

Six posts today instead of the usual five, because this is the end of the thread! Next blog, we will commence the fourth page of the Gathering. The horror.

Post #1106, by Traceh

After all the proper introduction they all started to calm down a bit. Following a certain ammout of silence (except for the rustling of leaves and tree stumps they were no doubt plowing over), Poo called out from the back of the Ford.
See, Traceh read diospadre's post. She knows it's a Ford.
"Hey..where the heck are we? Do we have any idea whatsoever where it is we are going? And it's bumpy and stuffy back here, can ya turn on the fan please?" Poo and Tracy had been the last ones in, hopping into the open trunk-type thing that joined with the back seat. Juliana and guru in the back, and Chris was up front with diospadre carrying on a conversation.
Nicely played, except that Poo isn't really the sort to say please. You'll notice that naturally Traceh has placed herself as far away from Chris as possible.
"I cant take it anymore!" Tracy said in a somewhat exasperated voice. "I need something to groove to!" She climbed up over the seat trying her best not to step on anyone and made it to the front.
Remember, she's doing this while the vehicle is being driven 40 or 50 miles an hour. Through a forest. Never let it be said that Traceh wasn't totally hardcore.
She searched in the dim light until she found the tape deck and found a tape that she assumed belonged to the owner of the Explorer. She stuck it in, smacking the 'play' button.

All at once the entire car-full groaned.

"Barry Manalow!?" guru exclaimed. "Noone can groove to this! Not even you, Tracy."
I LOL'd. So much I'll pass over my usual Noone joke.
Chris hit the 'eject' button, grabbed the tape, pressed a button to the right of his arm, and chucked it out the window into the surounding forest.

For the first time in a few hours they all laughed, despite the fact that it was only about five in the morning and they were all still tired. They emerged onto a somewhat paved road and it started to drizzle a light rain.
If you don't know what a 'somewhat paved road' would look like, you obviously have never been to Pennsylvania.
Poo looked up just in time to exclaim, "Whats that!?" and everyoneone looked up.

There was a thud and dios slammed on the breaks so hard they all went flying forward.

guruzeth opened the back door and urged Juliana through then followed. "Quick, get out! We gotta check what that was!" The others remained in the car and watched through the windows.
I'm curious how that would work. If Juliana exited the vehicle first, that would imply she was sitting closest to the door in question, which seems logical since guruzeth needed to get her out of the way before he could exit. But then why would guruzeth be reaching across Juliana's body to throw the door open? Did he think she couldn't figure it out on her own? Was the door on guruzeth's side broken and stuck locked shut? Or was this one of those discounted models that only have three doors? Or did guruzeth, sly dog that he is, invite Juliana to crawl over his lap to get out?
Tracy saw the figure laying on the ground a few feet away. Saw guruzeth and Juliana pick it up and drag it towards their transportation. They pulled the soaked figure in and slid the door shut, at which point diospadre once again had the peddal to the metal speeding towards their destination, whatever that might be. They had no time to waste.
So on behalf of the SixSeven Friends, Traceh has accepted Falcon24's membership request. And there was much rejoicing.
[This message has been edited by Traceh (edited 05-21-2000).]
No pink goat named Sarah this time. How disappointing.

Post #1107, by Chris

"I don't know who he is, but he needs help fast." guruzeth said after quickly looking over the strange person they had picked up. They had been driving for several minutes after stopping now, and were quickly sloshing through the back roads of Eagleland.
How exactly the hell did guruzeth get appointed Team Doctor?
"This seems like Twoson. There should be a hospital nearby." EBPoo remarked, and diospadre and the others started looking out the windows for it.

"There it is!" Juliana exclaimed, and they quickly wheeled into the parking lot, guruzeth and Tracy carrying the person into the hospital.
It doesn't make sense to me that the person with incredible strength is the one who dropped out of the Falcon24-carrying duties.
"Someone, we need help!" Tracy shouted as they came in, and a doctor quickly rushed over to them.
This might be the shortest Chris post in the entire Gathering.

Post #1108, by loid

Suddenly Lavos remembered what Randite said, that he could controll Kiyo's body during the night. Lavos emited a strange glow and the Earth turned away from the sun.
"NO! No it cant beEEEEAUGH....FOOL! Lavos you still think I would obey you, don't you? Here you are, dying. Waiting to be detroyed by all these people. Lavos, you may be bigger then I am, but you have a weakness..."
Randite began singing the Melodies from the sound stone.
"stop singing!" said Lavos

Randite continued singing the Melodies from the sound stone.
"STOP singing!!!"

Randite continued singing the Melodies from the sound stone.
STOP! Stop the SONG!"

Randite continued singing the Melodies from the sound stone.
"You puny little worm, STOP singing!"

Randite kept singing, and fired serveral blasts of sound stone energy. Lavos was weak agianst the holy and good powers of the sound stone.
"Guys, if you have any flashy special moves you wanna try, do so NOW!"
This post makes marginally more sense if you've played Mother. If you haven't, well, there's really no point trying to explain it all. Just trust me.

Post #1109, by Tengu Maul

"It's time..." Jack motioned to Ness, who had his Gaia Smash ready. Jack jumped into the air, his lightsaber outstretched. Ness charged it with Gaia energy, and Jack came down on the head with it.

Lavos flashed brightly several time, and Ness felt the sense of Lavos breaking down...
Wait, 'the sense of Lavos breaking down'? Meaning that attack is causing Lavos to go insane?
"Paula, Jeff, Poo... get ready..." he motioned to them. He then turned to the ACs, including Jack and Mani, "We thank you for your help. If we survive, we will come to your victory party... we promise..."
You'll notice how Tengu Man has declared himself Supreme Leader of Everything, and everyone else, including ACs, takes his orders without question. And so smoothly, too. You can read three or four posts into a Tenguthread before suddenly jumping up and shouting, "hey! Since when is he the boss of everyone, anyhow?" But by then it's too late.
Lavos them glowed and turned into his core form, and then glew a bright green. Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo then glowed the same colors, and the 5 disappeared...

"It's about to happen, the final battle with Lavos... good luck you four..." Jack said... ready to face anythng Lavos may have left behind for him and anyone else remaining...
It would make sense for someone to point out (preferably as sarcastically as possible) that Tengu Man is way overstepping what he's allowed to do in an IF thread here. But what does any of this Lavos nonsense really matter? So who cares? He's really not affecting anything anyone else in the thread is doing, if you think about it. He's safely off in his own fantasyland for now.

Post #1110, by SirMontyG

Sir pulled out a keychain and pressed a small button, causing the Z8 he had driven up to pull down the top. The car was parked inside the cave.

"Hurry, jump in!" Yelled Sir as him and Anthadd dived into the BMW. Sir burned out and steered for the exit.

"Stalagtite!" Anthadd yelled, causing Sir to swerve in the nick of time. Instead of being impaled, the car only took some scratches.

"The rental shop's gonna kill me for this.."
Have I mentioned lately that I love SirMontyG posts?
The car hit a bump and ramped out of the cave and back into the lost underworld. Sir pulled a 180 and headed for the village. Anthadd looked back to see the Fire Springs reduced to rubble..
This post should be cited in the textbook Ending Plot Threads That Long Ago Grew Boring.

Post #1111, by t0nberry22

(I repeat the question again, what do the 9th and 10th medodies sound like?!)
You can repeat the question as many times as you'd like, dearie, and you will get the same chirping crickets in response every time. No one cares.
Ton say Kiyo doing a super cool attack against Lavos, and realized this was his chance.
I think he meant to type 'saw' there, not 'say.' Not sure how obvious that is to you.
"Guys! If you don't have a Super-Special attack left, or don't want to fight the Lavos Core, jump in the portal!" Ton created a Dark Portal and fired a Disruptor at it. The portal became a TimeGate.
"Listen! I have a Super Powerful attack, called Soul Flare! It's very powerful, and could possibly destroy Lavos! The only problem is, it might also destroy anyone left in the area! So, choose wisely if you want to stay or leave!"
(Everyone, please tell me if you stay or go.)
((By the way, a Soul Flare is a lot like a Spirit Bomb. But you probably knew that.))
Does he... seriously think anyone is going to choose to leave the scene? Like, "I was totally going to kick Lavos's ass, but t0nberry22 is so much cooler than I am, I can't help but agree I should step aside and let him do it"? This is without considering the Tengu Man post right above this one, which t0nberry22 has not read (it was only 9 minutes ahead of this one; the posts are flying fast right now).

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