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29 September 2012

Posts #1101-1105: 21 May 2000

Post #1101, by Chris

"Me? The name's diospadre. A pleasure to finally meet all of you. I didn't catch everyone's names."

"Traceh, from the forums."

"PSI322 at your service."
I think this is the second or third time Chris has had PSI322's avatar introduce herself as 'PSI322' when in fact PSI322 has been clear that her AC's name is Juliana.
"Chris of the Boards."

"EBPoo or Poo, take your pick."

"And I'm guruzeth"

After the quick introductions, diospadre explained quickly what had happened. The spawns had attacked the hotel and quickly leveled it. diospadre had managed to grab a delivery van and was making his way in search of other SM.netters who were in trouble when he saw the group of five. He quickly had pulled us aboard, and the now group of six had driven off in search of shelter.
Chris really isn't paying attention. diospadre explicitly stated that he picked the Five Friends up in his own Ford Explorer, not some random delivery van. Also I don't know why Chris weirdly lapsed into first person at the end there.
"Guys, I have an idea," said EBPoo. "Most of southern Eagleland and the other continents have been affected, but the northern towns like Onett and Twoson haven't been attacked at all. If we go there, we might be able to find shelter."
Obviously the Kiddie Klub and/or Tengulings will just bring the violence right on the Five Friends' heels wherever they go, but, well, they have to go somewhere if they're going to continue to pursue guruzeth's cunning 'run the hell away' strategy. I think cruising Onett and Twoson is as good a plan as any other.
"But, what will we do once we find shelter?" asked guruzeth.

Post #1102, by Godeg

Mike awoke with a start in the Eagleland Island Hotel. He checked his watch, surprised that he had been unconscious for quite awhile.
He woke up in the hotel that has already been demolished? OK, it's cool, we can assume this is a Ten hours ago... post.
"Holy cow, no more devilled eggs for me... especially ones that are laying on a table with nobody around" Mike thought. "My head is kinda hurting as well... stupid exploding walkers. They tick me off. ...Hmm, i guess i'll go out and try to find other people, since it appears as if my companion has left."
I honestly don't remember who his companion was and I don't really care. OK, OK, asshole, I'll look it up for you. There's no need to be nasty about it.
Godeg's companion was Nathan (Dr. Andonuts), according to an offhand reference in Godeg's last post, several hundred posts ago, which Dr. Andonuts almost certainly never read, which is why Dr. Andonuts never referenced Godeg in any of his subsequent posts.
At almost the exact instant that Mike had thought that, he imagined he felt a rumbling, almost like that of an earthquake. Except, that this earthquake was real. Mike, now kinda scared, ran out of the hotel and onto the beach, to find a giant mass out in the distance. Being one to not stick around when there is imminent danger, especially by himself, Mike took off like a madman, heading in Onett's general direction.
Hi guys! This is Godeg! I'm still here! Apparently Godeg is, for reasons that were only known to him 12 years ago and aren't known to anyone anymore, has decided to throw his lot in with team guruzeth. So the once Five Friends are now the Seven Friends and seem about to become the Eight Friends. By the way, that almost certainly means team guruzeth will split up in the near future; anything more than about five ACs is too many to keep together, especially in a fast moving thread like this one.

Post #1103, by  Little Yoshi

(Sorry if elemental slash was too strong)
Yeah, you sound it.
The grenade worked, but Lavos reactivated quickly. The head used a doom blaze, catching the group off guard. Tim quickly used Lifeup Omega, and then was roasted by a flame attack(and as you should know, Ice is weak to fire) Tim was blown to his feet.
You have to like how he throws condescending OOC comments into his riveting battle scenes. This would probably be more of a problem if anyone ever than Liyoshi himself and me ever read any of his posts.
"You will pay for what you've done to the jellyfish!" Lavos shouted. He used another Doom Blaze, K.O.ing Tim, and damaging the others badly.
"I'm not finished with you yet!!" Lavos yelled, using his Flame on Tim again, who was blown from the battle, and hit something metal.

When he came to, he saw the machine was generating something. Tim, with further examination, notcied it was Lavos Spawns. He observed a coil linking to the robot.
"So this is where all those Lavos Spawns come from," im said, slashing at the chord with the Masamune. Then, he flicked the off switch, and returned to the battle, praying that the others were okay.
I would love Liyoshi so much if I knew he was actually massively trolling the entire thread by actively seeking out things to do that are certain to rips--- piss off pretty much everyone in the thread. You'd think, especially based on this post, that's what he's doing. But no. He was just that selfish and oblivious.

Post #1104, by loid

Kiyo and the Lavos spawn stood in the Lavos crater, formerly Saturn Valley.
You know, that sentence pretty much sums up everything I ever hated about IF, at least as it existed on the starmen.net forums. How the hell can you turn Saturn Valley into a Lavos crater? How???
"Ok lets go in!"
Kiyo went into the Lavos shell and had several weapons were pointed at the Lavos Spawn and him.
"IT'S OK! This Lavos here thinks I'm Lavos. It's Ok! Put the gaia beam down!"
"So, you return! I trust Randite has already destroyed your mind."
"Shut your mouth."
Kiyo grabed his sound stone is his hand. It started glowing with a very bright yellow light unil it became a pulsating yellow sphere. He rolled it after Lavos where it poped with a sickening blast and a new sphere appeared in his hand.
I can't really follow this post from one sentence to the next. Is loid even aware there are about ten ACs in the middle of a fight with Lavos right now? How is this post supposed to work with all of theirs at all?

Post #1105, by Godeg

After awhile, Mike arrived in Onett.
He waited an hour and a half, dammit, and he cannot wait anymore. (You'll notice how, despite a half dozen posts since they left the hotel, team guruzeth still has not arrived in Onett. Godeg is skipping ahead in time.)
"Holy cow, too much running. Now im tired. And hungry. Maybe there's a vending machine somewhere..."

Mike decided to go find a vending machine, and when he found one, proceeded to buy some chips. But, to his dismay, he had no money. After a quick check of the change slot, he found some cash.

"Alright, im lucky. Time to get them potato chips." Mike buys the potato chips, and starts eating.
Godeg slips into the present tense for no reason.
"Hmm... I wonder what that huge mass was, out on the horizon. Stupid huge thing, made me forget my cash, my weapon, and my communicator. Hmm. Maybe if i wander around, maybe I'll find somebody who can explain, and maybe let me follow them around for awhile..."

Mike starts wandering around, wondering what is going on, since he has been 'unconscious' for a while, hoping to find somebody.
Godeg elects for the tried and true tactic of announcing his presence near the group he wishes to join, and hoping they're nice enough to say "Hi Godeg! We like you! Please join us!" To be fair to him, though, after team guruzeth arrives in Onett (if they do at all; there's still time for them to abruptly change course) he will still have the option of actively latching on to them. 
I think people are actually reading team guruzeth's posts enough to realize that this group contains two girls, which has made it the hot group where everyone who's anyone goes. Even the Kiddie Klub, via SaturnAl, awkwardly tried to merge with them.

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