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22 September 2012

Posts #1096-1100: 21 May 2000

Post #1096, by PSI322

As the little group hurried across rough terrain, passing through what appeared to be a forest, they attempted to remain alert, despite their grogginess. "I'm confused. Explain it to me again, guruzeth," Juliana said sleepily, her eyes still only half-open.
Yes, guruzeth. Please explain to me your f---ing stupid plan again, because I am confused as to why I'm doing something this stupid.
"We're fleeing the spawn of Lavos," guruzeth said, being as patient as possible. "They were attacking Carrillon Beach, and some fighters wanted to enlist us to help them."
Damn, it's so f---ing noble of him to be so patient with our confusion. (Yes, I'm letting PSI322 speak for all of us here.)
Juliana yawned and started to trip over a large rock. guruzeth grabbed her arm just in time and helped her around it.
guruzeth and grabbing girls by the arm is getting to be a Thing here. Are we sure he's not a villain?
"Thanks," Juliana murmured. "I guess I'm still pretty sleepy. I have PSI, you know. I bet I could've used that." She paused for a moment to concentrate. "Watch this. PSI Comet Alpha!"
While fleeing for your life from some kind of alien hellspawn, wasting your PP just proving you can use PSI is not a smart play. I'm afraid guruzeth's Stupid Disease may be spreading here.
With all her might, Juliana attempted to demonstrate her psychic ability by attacking the tree that stood before them.

Nothing happened.

"What? I don't have it anymore?" Juliana and the others stopped moving on. "I don't understand."
I can give PSI322 a golf clap for trying to introduce something resembling dramatic tension here with the PSI322 has lost her psychic powers! thing. It doesn't work, since we all know perfectly well her psychic powers will return exactly when she actually needs them to kick some monster's ass, but she's trying.
"Don't worry about it now," guruzeth said, trying to sound reassuring. "We've got to get moving before those creatures break through!"
Traceh did it first and now PSI322 is continuing with the I feel safe with guruzeth! theme. But if he's such a fearless leader, why, again, are you jogging through the woods late at night with your backs turned to danger? I guess he can be depended on to let you know when it's time to turn tail and run like hell. So there's that.

Post #1097, by Pikachu3164

*tap tap*

"What, the?" Something was tapping Kiyo's leg. Using one giant burst of strength, he managed to look down. There stood the Lavos Spawn that had been following him around earlier, until they were seperated at the Fire Springs. "Hey! It's, Ba, by, La, vos! Can, you, help, me?"

Baby Lavos stared at him, then went to get something. He came back, and gave Kiyo a berry, which healed him of his paralysis.

"Wow! I can finally move again! Thanks! Hey... Wanna go help me beat up Big Lavos?"

Once again, the baby stared for a few seconds, then nodded.
I can't really understand why a baby Lavos Spawn would want to kill its progenitor. There are some weird genetics going on in that alien race.
Together, Baby Lavos and Kiyo ran through the Saturn Valley caves and into Lavos' mouth.

"Hey everyone! I decided to help! Whoa! He's a lot bigger than he looks in the game!"
3164, late to the party and just hoping with all his heart that he's not too late. I do like how he rushes into a fight for the fate of the universe and still takes the time to say 'sup?' to everyone before jumping in. That is one cool cat. Rat. Whatever.

Post #1098, by PSIOsman

(Okay, I'm back. Al, I think you're a bit mixed up there. Our party consists of Osman, Alan, Siris, and Tsurami).
If SaturnAl f---ed up on who's in his AC's party, I honestly didn't notice.
"Darn it! It looks like we're on our own now!"
This appears to be PSIOsman's only reaction to guruzeth telling his teammates to piss off. PSIOsman probably wasn't wild about the idea of teaming up with team guruzeth anyway, as he is the generally acknowledged leader of this crew and would lose any such distinction in the transaction.
At about that moment, screams erupted from the beach. One of the Lavos Spawn had broken away from the battle and was heading toward the crowds of people on the beach. The other three began to follow.

"NO! We can't let them get to the city! They'll destroy everything!" yelled Siris in alarm. The four ran at the Lavos Spawn.
I'm not actually going to ask the whiny question of why the Lavos Spawn want to kill everyone and destroy everything, because that's in character for all things Lavos. He does it for the evulz.
"Remember, attack the head!" yelled Osman, remembering the times that he had played through Chrono Trigger.
In Chrono Trigger, Lavos Spawns come in two parts, shell and head. Attacking the shell accomplishes nothing except a very painful counterattack rammed down your throat. So now you know.
Since the Lavos Spawn moved so slowly, they caught up with them easily as they crawled onto the road in front of the beach. Osman jumped in front of a Spawn and slashed at the head of it with his Scimitar. The Spawn gave a cry and then silenced, not moving. Siris caught up with another one, fired a Beam spell right into its eye. Alan slashed another, and Tsurami hit the last one with his mallet. Osman, Siris, Tsurami, and Alan stared at each other in confusion. It wasn't supposed to be this easy.
Sure it was! You're ACs! That's exactly how it's supposed to work, as long as you're not Liyoshi.
Tsurami turned to the Spawn that he had defeated.

"Uhhh... Guys?" he stammered.

They all turned to the Spawn. The shells of all of them were turning dark, almost black. The head of each started to emit a bright red light. When the light faded, the head of each Spawn had gained something that looked like a beautiful crystalline exoskeleton...

Then they restarted their slow, but sure drive towards the city.

Siris concentrated on his magical ability. He thought on the essence of Electricity. He ran forward and fired a massive bolt of lightning at the lead Spawn. It did... Nothing. The exoskeleton just absorbed the attack. Each Spawn then turned and started glowing.

"Oh, no! Obstacle! Get out of the--" Osman started, too late. The huge wave of energy rolled over the four. Osman became poisoned, and his muscles weakened tremendously. He dropped to the ground, the color of his face changing to a deep purple. Tsurami was frozen in place, on one foot with both hands held out in front of his face. Alan became possessed with an uncontrollable laughter, unable to do anything. And Siris was slowed down so much, he was barely moving.
I don't believe Lavos Spawns have an inflict-random-status-ailments attack. Obstacle inflicts confusion ("Chaos" in Chrono Trigger parlance). I'm pretty sure the humanoid part of the Lavos Core is the only monster in the game that can inflict random status ailments. By doing the YMCA.
And the Lavos Spawn entered Summers...

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He thought that was clever, you see. It was really PSIOsman editing his post more than once. Boy, I bet you feel foolish now!
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Post #1099, by diospadre
I'm giddy for this one. diospadre posts always bring it.
As guruzeth and his group quickly made their way through the forest they became more and more fatigued. Poo was in the front of the group, leading the way. He took a step without watching where he was going and fell face first onto the moist ground, his foot caught by a vine.
He picked Poo to pick on because EBPoo is the one of the Five Friends diospadre was on the friendliest terms with.
This caused a chain reaction, and everybody behind him tumbled to the ground. As Poo looked up, he saw a small brown animal that resembled a porcupine. It was unmistakeable, a miniature Lavos. They were already here. Thankfully, this one was only the size of a small dog. He brushed it away, and the group ran on.
One would presume killing it would be a much better idea, right? But that would violate the Five Friends' pacifist conduct.
Suddenly they all began hearing a low hum. guruzeth spotted a spawn, then Tracy did. Out of nowhere almost twenty of them in ranging sizes had surrounded the group. There was no way the friends could get past Lavos's offspring. Then came the most disheartening of blows. Off in the distance they saw the two glowing yellow eyes, which were rapidly coming closer. It wasn't a tiny spawn, either, it was bigger than all of the teens put together. Before they knew it it was upon them, screeching to a halt. They all shut their eyes and braced themselves.
This would be an example of a good time for PSI322 to remember how to cast PSI Asskicking, and the others to do something AC-like. But no, the Five Friends are going to hold true to their ideals and die pacifists. Handsome men and beautiful women will sing songs about their noble determination for millennia to come.
"GET IN!" diospadre yelled. "The hotel's been destroyed! We need to get out of here!"
Or, there's that. They could do that. diospadre with the Big Damn Hero save and now they can resume running the hell away!
Juliana and her friends thanked the Heavens. The eyes didn't belong to a Lavos spawn after all. They were the headlights of the Hotel manager's Ford Explorer. The group crammed themselves into the car, just as the spawn jumped to attack. But it was too late, diospadre had already floored it and was yards away.
That was actually really good, the way he described the unmistakable "yellow eyes" and then revealed them to be his Explorer's headlights. You have to admit that was an expert play. Some of the best writing of the Gathering, is what you just read.
"Thank you for saving us...." guruzeth paused. "I'm sorry, I don't think we know your name. Who are you?"
It's awkward and weird that diospadre chose to end his post at the point at which his own AC is expected to introduce himself. Now one of the Five Friends has to pick it up with "I'm diospadre you moron" and then move on with the plot.
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Post #1100, by Falcon24
It's been a long time since I've seen a bona fide Falcon24 post. I had to go back and refresh my memory: his last post was #1023, wherein he was dead, then thought maybe pogopunk could bring him back to life. pogopunk never responded to that, and I gather that Falcon24's had enough of waiting around for him. This should be interesting.
guruzeth and the others quickly fled the scene of the Lavos spawn in the Ford Explorer that diospadre was driving. As they crashed through the underbrush, finding themselves deeper in the forest, it seemed to all is if they had become lost. However, with a fortunate stroke of luck, diospadre found the road again. In the distance, the sounds of battle could be heard.
Yeah, yeah, the Five (Six?) Friends drive for a while, there's a fight going on, we get it.
"We'd best get away from here as soon as possible, -- What's that!?" Poo shouted. diospadre looked up to see a shadowed figure slowly trudging across the road. He quickly slammed on the brakes, but none to soon, as the Explorer made contact with the figure.
Falcon24 was still young (16, I think) at this point and still playing with turns of phrase and figuring out how to use them "None to (sic) soon" is out of place here, as he tried to be fancier than "not soon enough" and failed. But this is a larval stage every young writer goes through, so let's not begrudge him for it.
You can make fun of him for misspelling 'too', though, if you want.
The creature made an attempt to dodge the vehicle, but to no avail. It smacked straight into the grill, toppled across the windshield, and then fell off the hood of the car. Juliana made a mortified gasp.
Again, he tried to move 'gasped in horror' to a higher pay grade and didn't quite get there. But he's trying.
Falcon slid off the hood of the car and fell to the ground with a sickening thud.
I like this for a couple reasons:
1. It's tense. There's actual drama here, and I mean that in a good way.
2. He's correctly identified where the focal point of the action in this story is right now (team guruzeth is doing new things, whereas the kiddie klub is doing basically the same thing they've been doing for 600 posts) and latching onto it.
3. He's challenging guruzeth for supremacy in Horribly Injured Points, which as far as he can tell are apparently redeemable for female attention.

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